6 Techniques of a Successful Real Estate Website Design

Picture yourself at the absolute top of your game. This imagery and emotion should be expressed in every facet of your website. This is your piece of digital real estate. You want this space to show beauty and value that invites and instills confidence. Your site should be as well built, kept and maintained as your finest Open House. Your site should make the statement, “I am a well established, highly motivated, client service focused, industry leader.” Given the right tools, focus and team behind you it will do just that.

Let’s take a look at the 6 techniques that you and your web development team should focus on to create your dynamic and impactful website.

1. Effectual Visual Design – All the visuals elements of your website from your logo, font, theme, colors, layout and white space have an effect on the way your site is perceived. It’s imperative that your theme relates to real estate and will help to your keep content on track while allowing smooth navigation for your visitors. When it comes to design it is important to use white space wisely and apply color usage in a direct and meaningful way. Clean, modern and professional real estate sites incorporate all of these elements to create a useful and visually stimulating space.

2. Content – This portion of your site falls fully on you. It is the one aspect of your site that a development team cannot produce as well as you. Spend time creating copy for your page. Read, edit, read aloud, edit, share with critical colleagues and friends, rewrite, read again THEN publish. Nothing stymies a reader quite like a spelling or grammatical error. Keep in mind that your content should be clear, direct and answer for your client the question “What’s in it for me?”

3. Credibility – The moment your visitor sees your page the feeling of trust and reliability should be instilled. An effective website will employ many value added components to establish consumer trust. Using quotes from previous clients, acknowledging the importance of referrals for your business, utilizing verified links, making clear and easily accessible your contact information and linking your social media accounts to your page are ALL effective and necessary in establishing credibility.

4. Ease of Use & Navigation – The users experience and impression of your site is predicated on the ease with which they can use it. They must find what they are looking for easily and navigate through the site comfortably. Your web development team is integral in ensuring fluid, seamless navigation.

5. Mobile Optimization – There will, inevitably, be more users viewing your site from phones, tablets, smart watches (yes. smart watches) and mobile platforms than the old standard PCs and laptops. It is essential that your site be optimized for these mobile devices.

6. Choose the Right Team – You deserve affordable, client specific web solutions that are both beautiful and dynamic. You deserve a team available to you around the clock for your web solution needs. You deserve the support of a group that puts you and your real estate goals first.
These 6 techniques will help to create the website you and your clients are thrilled to use and visit. Choosing the right team with the best tools, understanding of the real estate market, and capacity to deliver the 6 techniques to build and host your site is paramount. You know the value of your business shouldn’t your developer?

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