Social Media For Property Managers

It’s time to engage with your audience. You’ve done the groundwork in building your business, obtaining and maintaining properties, hiring the right staff to fulfil clients’ needs, and had a beautiful website developed to showcase your offerings. Now it is time to focus on marketing. We will discuss a wide variety of techniques and tactics for positive, productive Property Management marketing throughout this blog. However, it is prudent that we start with one of most cost effective ways in which to reach your potential clients, Social Media. Those two words have never been more prevalent and powerful than they are

A Guide to Personal Branding in Real Estate

In real estate, you are in business for yourself. Sure, you might have a team, agency and family behind you. But YOU are your brand. Is it true that what defines you and the image you portray have a direct effect on your business? Of course it is! In real estate, branding on a personal level is just as important as on a business level. People want to close deals and pay commissions with people of character and confidence, not with companies and faceless organizations. What makes your business relationships valuable and referable is your brand. After all, when the